Kelly Smith, MBE


My Father and Daughter story - working with SSE

My dad has been my number one fan since I could kick a ball. Growing up I would always be playing football in the back garden and playing 1 v1’s with my dad. He was always there giving me encouragement and advice and he always took me to football training and football. My dad has always been there for me in every aspect of my life. My dad is and always will be my idol.

The SSE team were friendly, patient, fun, energetic and the nicest people to work with. The film took two days to produce. The videoshoot with my dad and I took place in and around Watford where I grew up. They made us feel very relaxed and had some fantastic ideas about questions and filming in different locations that meant something to me from my childhood. The end result was the most moving film. We will cherish it forever.

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